Traditional Cider Shop

Hitchcox Cider Shop

We have now opened our new takeaway cider shop following our successful application for a Premises Licence. Why not come visit us and purchase our Cider from the source!

But as we can get busy making and selling cider, be sure to phone Toby on 07922091555 and make sure that we’re at the shop first.

Our opening times are as follows:

Thursday and Friday  10:00 to 6:00

or by appointment email

Hitchcox Cider Shop, Warpsgrove Lane, Chalgrove, Oxford OX44 7RW

We have a large range of draught and bottled ciders which we produce on our farm at Warpsgrove. We have our own 1971 Bucher cider press, along with a small bottling and labeling plant.
Our range of ciders include traditional farmhouse, dry, medium and sweet, as well as a variety of fruit ciders including Black Panther, Old Rusty, Dam Plum and Pretty Flamingo.

To buy or order your cider in bottles or bag in box, either come along to the shop or contact Toby Hitchcox on 07922091555.